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Push-ups, bandeaus, convertibles, plunges, strapless… There are so many different types of bras to choose from.  For us girls, it’s important to find the perfect one that fits us just right.  For me, I have tried all different kinds of bras, but can never find one that I absolutely loved.  And to be honest, since I’m not the biggest bra fan, I tend to go bra-less or stick to wearing a bralette, which I realized isn’t always the greatest option when it comes to breast support.

Victoria’s Secret is one my favorite shops to buy bras, but of course, there is no secret that Victoria’s Secret is everyone’s favorite place to buy intimate wear.  From their wide selection of bras and panties, you can never go wrong.  One of the perks is, VS promotes a free bra fitting in-store, and recently launched an online bra fit quiz called “Body by Victoria Challenge.”  So if you find yourself not having the time to actually go in store, you can easily do it online!  It’s super quick and easy, and in minutes you get results of your bra size!  Once finished, you have options to “Build your Boutique,” or “Shop your Size”.

This new feature, has definitely helped me to learn a lot about my actual bra size when shopping, that I am ecstatic to announce I have found the perfect, fitted, most comfortable bra ever worn!  I never thought this day would come, and it has.  This bra is super soft, supportive, and the best part (no joke) is it feels like you are wearing no bra at all!  How much better does it get??

The Body by Victoria bra line comes with more colors and styles; Demi, Perfect Coverage, Unlimited Perfect Coverage, Front-Close Racerback, Push-Up, Perfect Shape, Unlined Demi, Multi-Way, Wireless, Cropped Bustier, The Lounge Bra, and The Lounge Bralette.  Plus, the matching panties are in even softer lace, all for only $28.50 and up!

Oh wait and there’s more!  If you take the “Body by Victoria Challenge” quiz, and purchase the recommended bra size you get free shipping and returns!  You also are automatically entered to win a Jaguar with any purchase of a BBV bra!  Did someone say… Bra shopping!?  This week only is giving you 2% cash back when you use this link.  If you’re like me who hates the feeling of wearing a bra, these bras are totally worth trying out (will change your life, seriously).

Well, what are you waiting for?  Are you up for the challenge?  Make sure you take the “Body by Victoria Challenge,” to get the perfect fit!

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Demi Bra in all colors
Lounge Bra in all colors


  • Lena Chu


    Oh what a great challenge! I love their bras especially the Body by Victoria line 🙂 xo~ Lena

  • Jessica Garcia


    What a great challenge! I need to hop right on over and get a strapless! Hope you stop by the latest!

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

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