Best Countries To Live in for Young Adults

Best Countries To Live in for Young Adults


Now that the pandemic has pretty much subsided, the time to get out there and see the world has finally returned. However, after everything that’s happened, you might want to do more than travel; you might want to find a new place to live. Fortunately, there are plenty of countries that are perfect for young adults to live in. Here’s a list of the ones we think you should look into.


If you’re dying to get out of America but don’t want to live somewhere that’s too drastically different, Canada is the best place to go. Mostly everyone speaks English, and the customs there aren’t all that different. Plus, it’s big in the tech game when it comes to jobs and is a progressive country—all things that are great for younger adults. It’s also hard to be upset about free health care.


If you don’t think you can handle how cold Canada gets but don’t want to move too far from home, Mexico is also a great option. The weather down there is beautiful all year long, and there are plenty of beaches to live it up in the sun. Places like Puerto Vallarta are easy to move to with proper planning. If you like cities with vibrant nightlife scenes, amazing food, and affordable living costs, Mexico is the place for you.


Not everyone wants to stay close to home, though. Europe is a popular area for people to move to, so let’s start talking about this continent by covering one of the happiest countries in the world: Norway. If you’re still in school, this country has many international colleges you can attend. Even for those who are past that point in their life, there’s a lot to love here, especially if you don’t like overcrowded cities. The population density in Norway is also quite low.


If you’re OK with people and would rather have a break from politics, Switzerland would be a good country for young adults to consider moving to. Famous for remaining neutral in each world war, it should come as no surprise that Switzerland has a fairly relaxed political climate. On top of that, it’s also quite the business center for commerce. Most companies here are extremely successful, leading to high salaries for the ex-pats that move here.


Finally, we have Australia. If you think you can get used to Christmas in the summer, then you’ll likely enjoy living here. It’s a beautiful country with much to explore, and if you love the outdoors, the outback will be a perfect spot for you. Even if that’s not your thing, all the cities along the coast have tons of activities for younger adults to check out and enjoy.

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