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It’s almost October, and we still have a couple of months until wedding season is over, which means our pockets remain empty. Why? If you’ve been part of a wedding you know that it can get pretty costly. Planning parties, travel costs and most importantly your outfit aka Bridesmaid dress.

Recently I discovered a website based in the UK called Prom Times, they sell dresses for many occasions, whether you’re going to a wedding, attending a school dance or dancing the night away at a gala, Prom times has got you covered! 
Prom Times specializes in wedding and Bridesmaid dresses, they have such a huge selection to choose from and the best part of all of this is it’s affordable! How can anyone go wrong there? Prom Times is one of the world’s largest online retailers, operating throughout the US and Europe.
Here are my favorite dresses on the site: 
These are just a few of the many, many dresses they sell! If you are looking for any kind of evening or occasion dress and are on a budget, I would say go check this store out. Whether it’s that wedding, or prom dance you are attending soon, Prom Times has got it all. 
Happy dress shopping! Until next time…

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