Adding COLOR to your WORK wardrobe!

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Good Morning Lovelies! –

So the title to this post basically sums it up! Tired of wearing the same old black and white typical outfit? Well those of you who have an office job, this post is dedicated to you! Otherwise, if you like to dress nice or want some more ideas on how to dress colorfully nice, this will be great for you too! Hope you guys enjoy! 

  • FOREVER21 Essential Floral Brocade Skirt – $17.80
  • FOREVER21 Woven Top/Hi Lo in Lime – $14.80
  • ZARA High Heel Sandal With Ankle Strap – $49.90
  • FOREVER21 Gold Necklace – $10.80


  • FOREVER21 Textured Peplum Skirt – $22.80
  • ZARA Raindrop Blouse (Similar Look – I bought the top last year, but I tried this on and it was super cute!)
  • ZARA Mid Heel Sandals – $49.90


  • FOREVER21 Heart Studs – $1.80
  • FOREVER21 Gold Ring – $2.80
  • INVICTA Gold Watch


That is all I have for you, still waiting on more things in the mail! I think some are being delivered this week! I hope this post does you well!
Thank you to everyone who has viewed/shared/followed my page! I am almost at 1000 views and it’s only been a week! I am super thankful!
Fancy Nancy <3

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