9 Statement Side Tables To Add Impact To Your Home

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Side tables have evolved considerably over the years. While this versatile furniture piece still serves a functional purpose, most designs now focus on their aesthetic properties to enhance interior spaces. An excellent way to leverage a side table’s decorative potential is to buy one with a statement design. Statement side tables stand out immediately, adding flair and character to your interior space. They’re characterised by unusual designs, innovative materials and other attention-grabbing qualities that help them stand out immediately. In this article, we’ll explore some statement side table styles and how they impact your interior space. 

Gold Side Tables

Gold is a vibrant colour that draws the eyes and stands out right away. A side table with this metallic finish is the perfect way to add a pop of colour to your interior space. Gold side tables stand out even more in rooms with a minimalist design and neutral colours, which is standard in most modern interior spaces. 

Industrial Style Side Tables

This type of side table has a rugged appearance with solid wooden surfaces and striking metal frames in various designs. While industrial-style tables are a natural fit for rooms with a rustic or industrial-style setup, they can also be paired with other interior styles as a statement piece.

Modern Side Tables

Modern side tables are characterised by simple designs and a sleek, refined finish. While this gives them an understated appearance that fits into any living space, modern side tables can also stand out. It’s the perfect statement furniture piece to update your living room style. For the best effect, go for modern tables with abstract, eye-catching designs that immediately draw attention.

Unusual Side Tables

Nothing grabs attention better than a side table with a completely unusual design. From geometric shapes to statement base frameworks or unusual leg designs, these side tables add instant personality to your living space. They’re unique, making them the perfect option to break away from the trend. 

Silver Side Tables

Like gold, another side table finish option with a bold impact on any space is the silver side table. It’s much less vibrant than gold but still adds a touch of luxury to any living space, drawing attention without overshadowing other furniture pieces in your space. The understated feel of this side table also makes it versatile. 

Mid-Century Side Tables

Mid-century side tables used to be trendy a long time ago. Today, they’re still relevant and perfect for adding a sleek retro style to your interior space. These tables’ design, colour, and materials can also be updated to fit a more modern aesthetic while retaining its chic retro style. 

Photo: 1825 Interiors

Marble Top Side Tables

Wood and glass are the most common materials used for side table tops. This is why marble-top side tables stand out right away. The glossy appearance of this table option gives it a sleek and sophisticated appearance that ensures it stands out in various interior spaces.

Mirrored Side Tables

Mirrored side tables add a glamorous touch to any living space. They have a similar effect as regular side mirrors, creating an illusion of space and adding a playful dimension to your space. In addition to their unique appearance, mirrored side tables can also draw attention to other home accessories and decor pieces. For instance, pairing a mirrored side table with an antique lamp accentuates the light from the lamp, adding more flair to your space.

Sofa Side Tables

The sofa side table is so-called because it has an open cantilever design that allows you to pull close to your sofa and overhang the seat or side. They’re also famous for their unique magazine storage, ideal for storing magazines, books, and other everyday accessories in your living space. 

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