5 Useful Tips for Beginners in Photography

5 Useful Tips for Beginners in Photography


Photography is an extremely rewarding hobby, but it’s also one that many people feel intimidated by because of how much information and jargon there is to learn. If you’ve ever been interested in photography but were scared off for one reason or another, it’s worth another look from a more casual angle. This article will give you a few useful tips for beginners in photography that focus on the basics so you can get started.

A Single Picture Is Better Than None

As with anything you want to get good at, practice makes perfect. Set a goal for yourself to take at least one picture every day. Some days, this will mean you have to go outside of your comfort zone and routine to find something new to photograph. Don’t get bogged down trying to find the perfect composition or shot. As long as you take at least one photo every day, you will slowly start to get better.

Editing Can Fix Imperfections

The idea of using editing software can also be intimidating to photography newcomers. There is an overload of information when you open up an editing tool, but don’t try to decipher every single feature right away. Play with the contrast and brightness, or maybe shift the color tone slightly, but don’t go overboard. Small edits can take an average photo and make it extraordinary with only a little effort.

Always Be Aware of the Background

A good tip for a beginner photographer is to make sure you always pay attention to your background. You might want to pay more attention to the main subject of the shot, but the background can easily ruin even the most carefully shot picture. Before you take the photo, scan the background for distracting elements, and make sure you’re fully focused on your subject.

Take Advantage of the Golden Hour

The “golden hour” is what photographers call the period of the day when natural light is at its best. These hours usually consist of the two hours after the sun rises and the two hours preceding the sunset. The warm light of these hours is perfect for taking photos. During these hours, sunlight is at an angle rather than overhead, casting a bunch of shadows. If you find a good subject, try to take your photo around these times for the best result.

Find an Easy Way To Display Your Work

You should be proud of everything you produce, and you’ll be happy to have physical copies of your early work to look back on as you improve. Producing photo prints is fairly easy and gives you a little something to be extra proud of as you place it somewhere in your home. Displaying your work allows you to see your work improve over time.

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