5 Trendy Hairstyles for Summer 2021

5 Trendy Hairstyles for Summer 2021


Choosing a hairstyle that suits you is an essential aspect of expressing yourself. With so many funky trends and cuts this season, it’s best to weigh out every option before making the best choice for you. Below are five trendy hairstyles for summer 2021 that can help you select the perfect look.

Bob Cuts

One of the best things about bob cuts is their diversity. When you choose to rock this short, chic hairstyle, you have several options. For instance, if you were looking for a blunt, high-fashion style, the “French bob” would be an excellent choice. But, if you want a cut that’s laxer, you could go with the layered “swoopy bob.” No matter what variation you choose, it will make you feel like queen of the season.

The Modern Shag

The modern shag is rooted in styles reaching back decades. But its resurgence in contemporary beauty has proven that its luscious layers and incredible texture will never go out of fashion. While the shag is a subtle nod to the controversial mullet, it differs in its more feminine approach with softer edges and a wider range of movement. The shag is an excellent way to complete your summer look, as it lends itself to styling versatility and is low maintenance.

Vibrant Colors

Summer is the season to express the most vibrant parts of yourself, and in 2021, many choose to do this with brilliantly colored hair dye. If you’re comfortable with a bit of hydrogen peroxide, this might be the best way to bring your summer look together. The miraculous styles you can achieve are endless, from vibrant blues to holographic highlights and rainbow balayage.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are another hairstyle that has recently made a comeback. This lowkey, face-framing bang is known for its soft, adorable, and effortless appearance. But the best thing about them is their styling versatility, as you can wear them casually, pin them back, or use them to dress up other styles like the high-pony or sock bun. These bangs are also widely loved because, basically, they’re good with any hair texture or length. Curtain bangs make for an excellent summer style because of their manageability, and since they start longer, growing them back out is easy.

The Mullet

It’s no secret that the mullet has recently made a comeback in the hair and beauty realms. While this edgy cut is not for everyone, those who dare to rock its sharp edges and texture will find that not only does it tie your favorite summer looks together, but it’s also surprisingly low maintenance. Mullets are also very complimentary to those with a fuller face. So, if you’re looking for an eccentric cut to add that extra oomph of style to your look, the modern mullet might do the trick.

Picking the perfect cut to complete your look can be a fun and exciting adventure. But with so many options, it can be hard to narrow your choices. Hopefully, this quick look into five trendy hairstyles for summer 2021 helps you choose your perfect style.

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