5 Easy Ways to Glam Up a Budget Vacation

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It can be tricky to glam up a budget vacation, but it’s not impossible. Unless you visit somewhere truly nasty, you can make your time away feel like much more than it actually is. You need to also put in a bit of work, but from finding quiet spots to choosing alternatives, here are some ideas.

Plan at Least One Indulgence

You may not have the funds to go out every day and experience everything that somewhere has to offer. But you elevate your time away by planning at least one memorable adventure. This will make the trip worth it and give you something to talk about. For example, you could hire a boat to get out onto tranquil waters for a day. Try this link if you want to know more about how much is a yacht in the Bahamas? Most popular holiday destinations have excursions like this available.

Research the Quietest Spots

If there’s one thing that luxury vacations offer, it is peace and quiet. But we all know how cramped a beach can get, meaning noise and all the other things that come with it. Now, you may need to travel a little further while on vacation, but you can find some quiet spots to make it feel like you have a beach all to yourself. A quick Google search will help. But some other tips for enjoying a beach include knowing peak times, finding a spot out of the way, and using privacy.

Glam Up a Budget Vacation with Local Food

One of the best experiences about traveling is to eat local food. But many people actually don’t do this. In fact, almost 70% of people (typically Brits) buy food from recognizable brands when they are on vacation. But you will definitely miss out on some of the best cuisine a country has to offer. Additionally, many places, such as Hawaaii, India, and Thailand, offer the kind of dining experience that would cost thousands back home for a fraction of the price elsewhere.

Compromise On the Destination

There are tons of places we would all love to visit. Yet savvy tour operators and resort owners know the most popular places and increase the prices. However, like most things, there are excellent alternatives you can visit at a much lower cost. For example, the Maldives are at the top of every honeymoon list, yet will set you back a pretty penny. Fiji, on the other hand, is similar in looks and will cost roughly 30% less for the same experience, so always check these out.

Take Enough Money to Experience It

Your vacation might be on a budget, but you will still need some money. If you don’t take any money, you will be extremely limited in what you can do. This might be fine if all you want to do is sit around a resort swimming pool. But you will miss out on so much. You don’t even need to take tons of cash. Just enough for some local food, a good night out, and a day trip. These will make your trip worth it and ensure you have the best time possible without breaking the bank.


Planning at least one indulgent activity will help glam up a budget vacation. Yet it helps to also sample some local culture. And ensure you take enough cash to actually enjoy yourself.

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