4 Things Every Hotel Room Should Offer Its Guests

4 Things Every Hotel Room Should Offer Its Guests


When you’re on a trip, your hotel room should be more than a place to rest, wash up, and sleep. The place you stay should provide as much of a positive experience as the rest of your trip. While some hotels offer amenities with a smaller budget in mind, you expect more bang for your buck when you splurge on a room. As you choose a hotel room, consider the goods and services each hotel provides. Read on to learn four things every hotel room should offer its guests.

Entertainment Options

When it comes to entertainment, a hotel room needs to offer more than just a television set. Of course, a proper wide-screen HDTV set with essential features can provide plenty of entertainment options and conveniences itself. However, you probably won’t want to sit around watching TV every night. A hotel that offers a well-lit and cozy reading nook, along with complimentary books, may appeal to those seeking a quieter stay. Meanwhile, if you’re seeking camaraderie and a night of competition, you should look for stays that provide in-room board games and the like.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Look for a hotel that has little extras like a welcome snack of chocolate or cookies when you first arrive. When you want to stay in after a long day of fun, free popcorn and drinks for a hotel room movie night are just the ticket. A mini-bar can be delightful, but some hotels offer a signature in-room cocktail or beer taps and similar drink dispensers for that extra special touch. Snack baskets with samples of local merchants’ foodie wares make for a great in-room treat and may inspire ideas for tomorrow’s activities.

Exercise Your Right to Good Health

Maybe you’re not in the mood to work out amongst strangers in the hotel’s exercise room. In that case, find a hotel that offers in-room exercise options. Some hotels can send up room service with weights, yoga mats, exercise balls, and resistance bands. This service allows you to keep to your workout schedule without leaving the comfort of your room.

Turn Your Room into a Spa

The last of our four things every hotel room should offer its guests is the ability to turn into an instant spa. Relaxation is the keyword here. The bathtub should offer more than bathing opportunities. Look for a room with an expansive tub equipped with whirlpool jets, bath salts, sundry toiletries, a white noise machine, soft music and lighting, bath pillows, and more.

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