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Happy Hump Day Loves! Hope everyone is having a great week! With only a few more weeks left of school, I have been busier than ever!! Our school is hosting a job fair next weekend and I am not even nearly close to being finished with ANY of my projects. 🙁 
On the upper side, I have continued working on some more “3D Models” for my 3D Closet tab up in my navigation bar… that I have been putting off. But once school is finished, I will have MORE time to model some clothing to share with you! =) Here is a little something that I did over the weekend! 
 (All of these models are made using Marvelous Designer)

These outfits were inspired by the infamous Song Sisters! 
I plan on animating them as well, for this piece I photoshopped their hair for the meantime! 
What do you guys think?
Anyway, today I had a chance to wear my overalls that I purchased a few weeks ago from +ASOS =)

I really want to get overall shorts for the summer! I need to find the right ones! These ones can be found on the ASOS website, and was on sale for only $33! =)
Also, keep a look out I am writing my next magazine post! I appreciate all the nice feedback we received on the magazine! I am grateful to be a part of it. 
Thank you +Summer Edmonds for nominating me as “Very Inspiring Blogger” =) =)
Until next time,
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