2 Different Events – 2 Different Looks

Fancy Nanc-ista

Well my weekend was a blast! Seriously haven’t partied that many times in a very long time, but it was really fun! Anywhoo— Last Thursday I went to an art show in Wicker Park with my coworker, take a look at what I wore!

If you have seen my other post, I have worn this dress before in a different way! Love this neon wrap dress! It went well with the art show =)

I’m a nerd! Loved this!! =)

 The girl in the middle — did the artwork behind us! She was amazing!!!


  • LULUs Neon Wrap Dress
  • AKIRA Neon Clutch
  • ZARA Ankle Strapped Heels
  • ASOS Snake Print Skinny Belt

Saturday I went to my bosses’ wedding!! It was the most beautiful wedding ever!! Haha, the event was “black tie” attire, here is what I wore!!

I was actually freaking out on what to wear to the wedding, considering I actually don’t really own any gowns! Luckily last minute I found this dress, and it was a success! I loved it, people loved it! 
I got the dress from Akira! Which can be found here! It was actually only 50$!!! 

Hope you enjoyed! I am headed to NYC this weekend, so I will get some great snaps while I’m there!

Until next time,

Fancy Nancy <3

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