10 Workouts You Must Try in Los Angeles

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Since moving to Los Angeles I have been more active than ever. Given it’s warm all year around and the active culture, it’s a definite must. If you know me or have followed me on my blogging journey, you should know one of my all-time favorite workouts is high intensity interval training (HIIT); it’s the best workout if you want to be challenged and if you are looking for a good sweat, not to mention lose a lot of calories!
As a fitness cultured city, LA offers a variety of different workouts, from yoga and pilates, strength and circuit training to high intensity, boxing and cycling classes and many outdoor activities such as hiking and running groups, the options are endless. The two years I’ve lived here thus far, I have tried a mixture of fitness classes to outdoor fun! Today I have curated a list of my favorite fitness workouts in LA:

1) Barry’s Bootcamp: The most-well known, “celebrity-spotted,” and toughest workouts in LA – is my all-time favorite workout. I have actually tried Barry’s prior to moving here, and I loved it then and love it now. Barry’s is a strength and cardio interval fitness class, where you switch between treadmill and floor work. Barry’s is definitely a challenging, butt kicking workout. It’s no doubt you will get a good sweat if you take this class!

Barry’s is located all around LA: Hollywood, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks and Venice. It’s also located worldwide and luckily also in my hometown, Chicago. If you missed it, read all about my Barry’s review here.

2) Burn 60: I discovered Burn 60 when moving to the West Hollywood area. It’s a similar concept as Barry’s, but unlike Barry’s you can choose between 45 minutes to 60 minutes high intensity interval classes. I love this workout because it’s not only an energetic and challenging class but each individual trainer is always motivating and encouraging! You can also now track your heart rate with monitors that are given to you prior to class.

Burn 60 is located in both West Hollywood and Brentwood. Read all about my review here.

3) Rise Nation: Rise Nation is a high intensity class that uses VersaClimbers to work out your full body. This fitness class is only 30 minutes – but is the hardest and longest 30 minutes of my life! This class is seriously super challenging but amazing!

VersaClimbers are a great workout for your upper and lower body. VersaClimbers are workout machines that are essentially like a stair master but you are using both your arms and legs to move up and down the machine.

If you really want a kick @$$ and calorie burning workout, you should definitely take Jason Walsh’s class – I promise you, you won’t regret!

4) Prevail Boxing: Living in Chicago, I rarely ever did boxing because it always intimidated me, but when I took this class in West Hollywood, I immediately fell in love! This class was fun, challenging and the instructors were energetic and friendly. I love their classes because it’s always a mixture of both boxing and circuit training. Boxing is really great if you want to strengthen your core and upper body.

5) Cycle House: Known for their reality TV show, this cycle gem is worth checking out. I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a cycling fan, but this studio is seriously one of my favorites! Every class is high-energetic, sweaty and motivating!

6) Sweat Garage: This studio is by far one of the hardest workouts in LA – no joke. Sweat Garage and I have a love and hate relationship.. I dread doing the class but it always kicks my butt every time! The workouts are always different and hands down you will be drenched in sweat afterwards.

7) Box Union: Box Union is another great boxing studio, located in Santa Monica. Boxing can be intimidating but the teachers here at Box Union really guide you through the different ways and techniques of boxing. If you ever decide to try out Box Union, you should definitely book a class with Marxel; his classes are always energetic, fun and be prepared to get sweaty!

8) Pop Physique: If you’re looking for a barre class in LA you should totally check out Pop Physique! I have tried this class prior to moving here and I love it! Barre is a great class to tone everything especially your bum :). Pop Physique has many locations – Silverlake, Beverly Grove, Studio City, DTLA, etc – so you have no excuse not to go!

9) Burn Babe: I tried this class recently and I really liked it! This 45 minutes women’s fitness studio provides cardio conditioning, functional movement and strength training classes – every class is different and you always surround yourself with motivating and supporting women!

10) Electric Flight Crew (EFC): And last but not least, my favorite weekly running group meet up, EFC. Electric Flight Crew is an exclusive fitness and social club where they meet weekly to do workouts such as running, sprints and circuit training. Afterwards, everyone gets together and socializes at the chosen monthly bar.

I joined EFC my first year of living in LA, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I’m not going to lie it sounded quite intimidating at first glance, as I am not much of a runner, but I’m so glad I joined it because not only did I get better at running but I also met some of my closest friends here. It’s a great social and fitness club to join if you want to meet fitness like-minded people.

EFC meets in South Bay, West-Side and West Hollywood areas.

These are my top 10 favorite workouts in LA. Of course – this post wouldn’t be the same without sharing my favorite workout gear brands. I mean come on guys, you should already have known, I only workout in style; and as my fitness journey continues, I have discovered some of my absolute favorite fitness brands.

1) Titika Active Wear: I absolutely love their workout gear, their sports bras especially! They have a wide range of super comfortable and chic workout clothes!

2) Nux Active: Just discovered this workout clothing line recently at an event I recently attended and let me tell you guys, they have the MOST comfiest active gear ever! I am not lying when I say it feels like you’re working out naked. I love it – super stretchy, comfy and can be worn for all types of workouts! Not to mention, they have really chic activewear sets!

Shop top and leggings.

3) Karuna Aparrel: I love this brand because not only do they have cute, colorful apparel but they are a compassionate activewear brand that supports animals, artists, America and the environment. A cool fact is that this brand gives back 10% of all proceeds to animal rights groups around the world. If you use my code FANCYNANCISTA at checkout, you can receive 20% off your purchase.

4) DYI: Seriously adoreeee this workout brand. They sell the chicest and stylish gear ever. If you’re looking for fun prints and mesh tops, this is the store for you!

5) Aurum Activewear: Like Nux Active, they also have one of the comfiest clothing pieces! The fabric is very stretchy and durable and great for all kinds of workouts.

6) AdoreMe: Yep! This lingerie based site also sells activewear! You can for sure find a wide variety of sexy, and cute activewear sets. If you use this link you can get your first set for only $24.95!

7) Cotton On: I’m absolutely obsessed with their activewear line. They have the most eye-popping and cute pieces! I always, always get compliments when I wear mine out! And on the plus side, Cotton On offers very affordable workout pieces – you must check out.

8) Ellie Activewear: I am truly obsessed! This active apparel is a monthly subscription where you get 5 items each month for only $49.95 plus free shipping! Each month is different and each month they never disappoint! 

And that’s a wrap, guys!! I hope you gained insightful information here and are motivated to go check out some of these workouts and activewear brands! These are just my top favorite name brands and workouts; what are yours?
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