Cosmetics You Can Make Yourself

Cosmetics You Can Make Yourself


It may sound intimidating at first, but making your own cosmetics can be easy and fun. It’s all about getting the right ingredients and experimenting until the beauty product is to your liking. Try these DIY cosmetic recipes for something new. You’ll be surprised by what creations you can make from our list of cosmetics you can make yourself.

Face Scrub

You can make a face scrub for any skin type with ingredients at home. For sensitive skin, try a gentle oat scrub made from blended oats and water. Clear pores and smooth your skin with a mixture of brown sugar and honey.

Lip Balm

Lip balm can be made from a variety of waxy ingredients. Beeswax is a good material to make a quality lip balm. Mix beeswax pellets, shea butter, coconut oil, and a flavor oil and put it into a lip balm container. Another recipe is cocoa butter mixed with vitamin E, coconut, and sweet almond oils.


Much like with the professionals, makeup is essentially combining powder bases with pigments. Blush and eyeshadow bases can be made from arrowroot powder and bentonite clay. For pigment, try activated charcoal (black), spirulina (blue), beetroot power (red), and mica power (shimmer). You can even dip a brush into a mix of activated charcoal and water for eyeliner.

Makeup Remover

Use a cotton round and this recipe for an easy makeup remover that smells robust. Use equal parts witch hazel and jojoba oil, one part aloe vera, and a drop of lemon essential oil for a lively citrus scent.

Face Mask

Face masks are one of the most popular cosmetics you can make yourself. The classic cucumber mask is so refreshing. Simply blend cucumber slices and yogurt for a mask that fights acne, wrinkles, and sun damage. Egg whites are also useful and can eliminate blackheads and shrink pores. Mix egg whites, honey, yogurt, water, and oatmeal for a soothing and effective mask.

Body Exfoliator

Sugar scrubs and foot scrubs are great for removing dead skin cells, dirt, and smoothing heels. An easy sugar scrub is coconut oil, sugar, and vitamin E oil. For your feet, a coarse exfoliator that also moisturizes is brewed coffee grounds mixed with olive or coconut oil.

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