Casual to Dressy

I came across this awesome blogger called "Dress Up On a Cloudy Day;" in her blog you will find outfit posts, DIY fashion tutorials and how to wear certain trends. She recently created the 'how to wear trends series,' which is basically posts where you take a simple outfit and turn it into a dressier look. She called it 'From Simple to Stylin'! I thought this was a fun and creative idea, and it inspired me to try it this week!

So here is what I came up with:




Basic Black Top: Forever21
Black Blazer: H&M
Olive Pants: Nordstrom > Similar Look
Snake Print Slip Ons: H&M > Similar Look
Blue Pointy Heels: ZARA > Similar Look
Striped Clutch: Akira > Similar Look

I am obsessed with these olive slouchy pants, and have been wanting them ever since 3 years ago! Ha, I finally found the perfect pair and bought them not too long ago!

Anyway, as you can see I only did a few changes to make this simple look into a more "styling" kind of outfit! What do you guys think? To make this look it took 3 simple steps!

1) Add a black blazer.
2) Wear a more sophisticated shoe. (pointy heel for example)
3) Wear a clutch with it. (preferably a printed/patterned one)

That's it! 3 basic steps! Maybe this post will inspire you to try it on your own! :-)))


By the way, I am working on a pretty awesome BUT fancy logo! =) Can't wait to share it with you guys once I am finished!


  1. Love the shoes in the "dressy" option. A good pair of heels can elevate any outfit!

    1. Thank you girl! Yes I completely agree with you! =)

  2. Dressy version is so fine :)

  3. Love it Nancy! Great take on from "simple to stylin'"! And I totally love those pants :)


    1. thank you love! Thanks for the inspiring idea! =)

  4. Love how simple touches can create two separate looks. Love both! Thanks for linking up on my blog :)
    the way to my Hart

  5. This is super cute!(: Love those pants,I'm going to look for some like that when I go thrifting,those are absolutely adorable!(:

    1. Thank you! I know I have been trying to find the perfect pair since forever, I bought these from Nordstrom Rack for only $40!

      Good luck finding a pair! <3