Destination Ideas for a Road Trip

Destination Ideas for a Road Trip


The pandemic has been especially hard on those of us who enjoy moving around and experiencing new sights and locations. While the pandemic isn’t over, we’re finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. In preparation for the pandemic’s end, why not consider making travel plans to celebrate? We’ve got a few destination ideas for a road trip you’re sure to love.

National Parks

Whether it be Yellowstone, Yosemite, or Zion National Park, these beautiful vignettes of nature will be a refreshing change of pace from the isolation of your home in the depths of civilization. Fresh air and a chance for exercise will be a significant change of pace to shake off the sedentary lifestyle the pandemic has put most of us in.

Arlington Cemetery

If you’re more interested in observing the nation’s identity and history, then memorials like Arlington National Cemetery is a great place to honor the veterans of our country. Carefully cultivated, Arlington captures a melancholic beauty that most prominently features the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, dedicated to all the men and women who made the greatest sacrifice without anyone even knowing their name. There is no better place to pay your respects, so make sure you dress appropriately to honor the occasion.

Route 66

Maybe you’re looking less for destination ideas for a road trip and instead are more focused on enjoying the journey itself. Route 66 is a historic 2,500-mile cross-country highway that will take you between Chicago and Los Angeles. Not only will you have all the open road you could want, but the various attractions on the side of the road are tourist attractions themselves, such as the world’s largest ketchup bottle in Oklahoma.

Lake Mead

Often overshadowed by the grandeur of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead is a veritable oasis rife with plant life that lies in stark contrast to the inhospitable deserts of Arizona and Nevada. The plant and animal life there have adapted to cope with the intense heat and regular droughts, making Lake Mead a unique destination with inhabitants you can’t see elsewhere.

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