How To Change Your Style on a Budget

How To Change Your Style on a Budget


We all want to look our best, but sometimes, the “best” out there is a little cost-prohibitive. If you don’t like what you see as you inspect your wardrobe, it can be frustrating to imagine a way to start over. Entire closets full of nice clothing don’t usually come cheap, but it doesn’t have to feel impossible. You may need to step outside of your typical routine to find them, but you can get a lot of great clothing for cheap. We’ll take a look at how to change your style on a budget so that you can see how it’s done.

Understand Your Wardrobe

It may seem strange to start here if your goal is to change it up, but before you can change anything, you need to know what you’re working with. By taking a good, long look at what you do have, you may find that some pieces are more worthwhile to keep than others because of their versatility. Once you know what you want to keep from your wardrobe, you’ll also know what you’re lacking. You can then use this knowledge to focus on buying only things you really need to round out your closet.

Focus on Key Pieces

When you’re shopping for new items, consider their flexibility as centerpieces of different outfits. If you find something you like but know you’ll wear it very infrequently, that’s just a waste of money. You want to keep your shopping focused on buying items you can use in many different outfits. The more use you can get out of one item, the more worthwhile it will be to spend your money on.

Change Where You Shop

If you really want a way to change up your style on a budget, you’ll probably need to look somewhere new. If you typically shop at department stores, start by switching to thrift stores. Not only is thrifting really fun, but most thrift stores have a more eclectic collection of clothing that might give you new ideas. They are also much less expensive than typical retail clothing stores. If you’ve put off thrift shopping, you’re missing out on a lot of great deals and wonderful finds.

Get Crafty With Older Items

This one requires a bit of work on your part, but the upside is that you’ll have something unique to you. Doing a little bit of DIY work on your clothing items can breathe new life into them.

  • Dye a piece you’re tired of to a new color
  • Cut up clothing like dresses into new items, such as shirts or crop-tops
  • Add some embellishments to your clothes’ exterior

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  • Black Camels


    Thanks for the info! Clothing is another way of expressing yourself. With the help of the things we put on, we inform the world around us about ourselves and about what, where and when we are going on. When we buy or wear something that should reflect our best selves, we consciously or subconsciously consider our age, size, lifestyle and culture to which we belong. And either we accept these aspects of our personality, or we try to fight them.

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