The Benefits of Gel Nail Polish

The Benefits of Gel Nail Polish


There are many types of nail polishes and faux nails. Standard nail polishes, such as acrylics and some non-acrylics, work for some people, but more advanced options have risen in popularity. One of these is gel nail polish. This product is unique and beneficial for a variety of reasons. Learn about some of the benefits of gel nail polish by reading below.

It Lasts Longer

One of the major benefits that gel nails have to offer is how long they last. Unlike standard nail polish, gel nail polish can last as long as four weeks. The gel is strong, durable, and resistant to chipping, breaking, and peeling. This is partially because gel polish is much thicker and heavier than basic nail polish. It’s also cured under a UV light, which helps it solidify much more quickly.

It Protects Your Nails Better

Another added benefit of gel nail polish is its protection. The heavy nature of the gel makes it a good protector for your nails. Long nails can be especially susceptible to cracks and breaks during daily routines that involve using your hands. When you use gel nail extensions or gel polish, your nails are not only stronger but also more flexible. The flexibility makes them more resistant to breakage. The gel also acts as a barrier against dirt and grime, which can be taxing on your natural nails.

It Dries More Quickly

The quick drying time is another one of the benefits of gel nail polish. Regular acrylic nail polish can be a hassle because you have to wait an hour for it to dry—and if you’re using non-acrylic polish, the wait time can be even longer than that. Regular polishes can also smudge and chip more easily because of this long drying period. However, when you place your fingers under a UV lamp, gel polish dries within a minute. This make the process less of hassle and much easier to fit into your day.

If you want to try playing more with nail colors or designs, gel polish is one of the best options. It has a consistency that makes it far easier to apply than average polishes. Gels can also be applied to the natural nail in layers, which the UV light cures individually. This means that when you go to apply the next layer, the surface is already dry, making it much easier for you to mix and blend colors. This beginners’ guide to using gel polish can assist you in the application process so that you can start to experiment with different looks.

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