Let's Work Together

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in Fancy Nanc-ista!

I'm Nancy, the Founder and Fashion Blogger at Fancy Nanc-ista, a brand that focuses on fashionable styles, fitness topics, food you must eat, affordable to luxury and boutique travel throughout the world and overall lifestyle. I am originally from a small northwest suburb of Chicago, went to an arts and media school in the city and currently living in Los Angeles. I am 100% Filipino. For more information on who I am, you can read it here.

Fancy Nanc-ista's Readership
The Fancy Nanc-ista readers mainly come from the United States,  Russia, France and Sweden.
Fancy Nanc-ista's primary age group is 18 - 35 years old, with 69% female and 31% male.

Collaborations Include...
Since launching in early 2013, I have already collaborated with over 150 brands including the following:

Fashion and Beauty



Topic of Interest
I am looking to work with brands who offer the following (but not limited):
  • Product Reviews
    • Clothing
    • Shoes
    • Bags
    • Jewelry/Accessories
    • Beauty and Skincare
    • Home Decor
    • Furniture
    • Travel Products
  • Travel Accommodation
  • Travel Tours and Activities
  • Press Trips
  • Fitness Products
  • Fitness Memberships

Some Examples of Work...

Dining + Home Decor:


Fancy Nanc-ista loves partnering up with brands - currently looking for opportunities:
  • Sidebar ads
  • Sponsored product review posts
  • Sponsored social media posts
  • Event hosting
  • Affiliate Programs

If you are a brand or advertiser and think we are a good match, then please email us fancynancista@gmail.com and let's talk more!