The Ultimate Kauai Travel Guide

Are you a nature and outdoorsy type of person? Do you like to explore hidden waterfalls, soar up high in helicopters, and venture out to explore the best beaches? If you answered YES to all the above, Kauai should be on your next place to visit, if it isn’t already! 

Must-Have Beauty Products to Bring During Travel

Hi all!!! I'm finally writing up this blog post - most of you guys on my Instagram Stories requested me to share with you what beauty products I like to bring with me during travel - so here it is!

7 Must Do Things When Traveling Solo in Honolulu, Hawaii

Do you ever want to travel to some place that nobody else wants to go? Have you ever had the urge to travel solo? Do you ever just need to reset and take time for yourself? This last December, I decided it was time for a mini break from everything and anything and packed my bags to Honolulu, Hawaii for an epic solo trip.