Monday, April 16, 2018

3 Reasons Why You Should Shop at WhatsMode

Unique, chic, classy, and bold - are words that describe my style. As a blogger, I love working with fashion brands that represent some, if not all, of these things. Throughout my blogging journey, I have had the opportunity to discover new brands I would have never known about before - one of them is called WhatsMode. 

What is WhatsMode? And What Makes Them Unique?
WhatsMode is a leading online platform for influencer brands where you can discover a world of specially-made attire created by bloggers and vloggers you love. Not only does WhatsMode sell a variety of fashion-forward and unique pieces, but they allow us Influencers to easily share our WhatsMode outfits to our followers via our individual shops

Reasons Why I Love WhatsMode:
1. Stands for Individuality
WhatsMode believes fashion thrives on individuality - everyone has their on sense of style and with each fashion piece given - can be styled multiple ways.

2. Sells Different and Statement Pieces
I have worked with them multiple times; I am obsessed with their merchandise - especially their pants. Here are some of my favorites; I have included my links as follows.

Shop Pants Here

Shop Pants Here

Shop Dress Here

3. Great Team to Work With
Though WhatsMode is based in China, they have a small group of people out here in LA too - which also happens to be literally a 15 minute walk from my house! What makes it more amazing is that the team at WhatsMode Los Angeles are absolutely genuine and a fun crew. They host great events where we have the opportunity to shoot our looks and meet the other Influencers that also represent their company.

Overall Review:
Overall, I would recommend checking out WhatsMode for your next fashion-forward shopping spree. I promise, you won't regret! :)



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  1. The orange pants are fantastic and make your outfit really great!