Gift Guide for the Wine Lovers 2017

'Tis the season to drink -- wine! Who here is a wine drinker/lover? Whether you love white or red wine; wine or anything wine related is the perfect gift to give to your friends and family! I have put together a few great wine gifts for all you wine lovers:

1. Ankit Wine Glasses - $24.99
The perfect wine gift for your best friend.

2. Swirl 6 Bottle Wine Rack (black or white) - $64.99
Seriously how cute are these wine racks? They come in both black and white colors.

3. Cork Wine Stopper - $5.52
The perfect wine stopper for these wintery season.

Such a classic and pretty set for those wine drinkers!

5. Leather Wine Caddy - $32.99
I am in loveeee with this wine holder! This makes for a great party accessory for any outfit! :) ha!

6. Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears - $8.50 and up
Because who wouldn't want to eat gummy bears with some champagne in them?

7. PortoVino Wine Bag (comes in variety of colors) - $74.95
Have you ever wanted to bring wine with you to the movies, mall, park - incognito style? This is the best wine present for all you wine lovers! You can enjoy wine on-the-go stylishly with the PortoVino Wine Bag!

8. One Hope Wine Sets - $49 and up
I love this wine brand! They not only offer amazing wine sets but every time a set is purchased, the brand gives back to different charities!

Are you a wine lover and also a chef? This book will help educate you on the perfect wine pairings.

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