Vodka. Elevated.

"It's more than just a drink; it's Purity Vodka."

Vodka has been one of my go-to drinks for as long as I remember. From parties to happy hours and a night in with the girls; vodka is the drink of choice.

While there are many vodka brands out there; I really enjoy premium, fine and smooth vodka. Recently, I discovered a brand called Purity Vodka. Purity Vodka is distilled 34 times (typically vodkas are only distilled 5 times or less) and is made from organic winter wheat and malted barley. When I tried Purity Vodka for the first time; I fell in love. It was silky, pure and went down so smoothly.

In celebration of beautiful weather in LA, I decided to enjoy a glass (or two) of Purity Vodka outdoors laying by the pool. Fall in LA is still a forecast of clear skies and bright, warm sun. #CantBeatIt. 

To top it all off, there's nothing better than pairing the finest vodka with these top-notch and high-quality Orrefors glasses.


No matter what day or time it is; both Purity Vodka and Orrefors glasses create an elevated experience. And certainly helps to complement my classy, sophisticated look.

Photography by Saad Hameed

How does vodka elevate your everyday experience?


Fancy Nancy


  1. Not a fan of vodka but the pictures and the outfit are beautiful ;)

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