Beach Weather Ready

Guys, guess what?! It's feeling like summer-time here in LA.. I know all of my Chicago peeps are probably rolling their eyes right now (lol). But as my second winter here, it was definitely a rough one! As the city that's always filled with sunshine, we actually had plenty of rainy days!

Anyways, as summer approaches, it only means, one thing... Beach Time! And this dress from Tobi is the perfect look for beach weather, doncha think? :) The best part is if you are not sure you're ready for that swimsuit just yet, this dress is a cute alternative!

The dress comes with other colors like black and white but yellow is one of my favorite colors and it always brightens up your day no matter what season it is! This dress is so easy to accessorize, as you can add simple touches such as a sunhat, sunglasses, a cute beach bag and sandals to help complete your overall beach look!

Okay... I'm ready for the beach now, whose in???

Photography by Saad Hameed


Fancy Nancy

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  1. Great post, I very like your outfit, fantastic pictures :)

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  2. Great outfit, perfect for a sunny day ;)

  3. OH WAOUW This color is perfect on you ! I lkove the cut of the dress <3