Body by Victoria Challenge

Push-ups, bandeaus, convertibles, plunges, strapless... There are so many different types of bras to choose from.  For us girls, it's important to find the perfect one that fits us just right.  For me, I have tried all different kinds of bras, but can never find one that I absolutely loved.  And to be honest, since I'm not the biggest bra fan, I tend to go bra-less or stick to wearing a bralette, which I realized isn't always the greatest option when it comes to breast support.

Victoria's Secret is one my favorite shops to buy bras, but of course, there is no secret that Victoria's Secret is everyone's favorite place to buy intimate wear.  From their wide selection of bras and panties, you can never go wrong.  One of the perks is, VS promotes a free bra fitting in-store, and recently launched an online bra fit quiz called "Body by Victoria Challenge."  So if you find yourself not having the time to actually go in store, you can easily do it online!  It's super quick and easy, and in minutes you get results of your bra size!  Once finished, you have options to "Build your Boutique," or "Shop your Size".

This new feature, has definitely helped me to learn a lot about my actual bra size when shopping, that I am ecstatic to announce I have found the perfect, fitted, most comfortable bra ever worn!  I never thought this day would come, and it has.  This bra is super soft, supportive, and the best part (no joke) is it feels like you are wearing no bra at all!  How much better does it get??

The Body by Victoria bra line comes with more colors and styles; Demi, Perfect Coverage, Unlimited Perfect Coverage, Front-Close Racerback, Push-Up, Perfect Shape, Unlined Demi, Multi-Way, Wireless, Cropped Bustier, The Lounge Bra, and The Lounge Bralette.  Plus, the matching panties are in even softer lace, all for only $28.50 and up!

Oh wait and there's more!  If you take the "Body by Victoria Challenge" quiz, and purchase the recommended bra size you get free shipping and returns!  You also are automatically entered to win a Jaguar with any purchase of a BBV bra!  Did someone say... Bra shopping!?  This week only is giving you 2% cash back when you use this link.  If you're like me who hates the feeling of wearing a bra, these bras are totally worth trying out (will change your life, seriously).

Well, what are you waiting for?  Are you up for the challenge?  Make sure you take the "Body by Victoria Challenge," to get the perfect fit!

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Demi Bra in all colors
Lounge Bra in all colors

Meet Edgar of Edgar Vanuska

Edgar of Edgar Vanuska

Manly Mondays are back, with a new weekly series, featuring my favorite Men Bloggers from all across the globe.  Each Monday, you’ll get the inside scoop on the different trends, tips, and of course the man behind his blog.   If you are interested in being featured in my Manly Monday’s series, please email me |

Edgar is a 22 year old guy currently studying dentistry in Riga Stradins University.  Although Edgar is pursuing a career in medicine, he is very passionate about fashion, photography and video editing.

1) What made you want to start your blog and how would you describe your style in 3 words?
I have always liked fashion and creating outfits, but I have never intend to become a blogger. gave me an inspiration to start my own blog.
My style in three words: comfortable, monochrome, and various.

2) Who is your fashion inspiration?
I absolutely adore  That is my favorite fashion inspiration.

3) What's the one wardrobe essential you can't live without?
That's definitely, a hat, because it gives you character.  But of course all the right pieces together makes a good outfit.

4) What is your most favorite thing about blogging?
My favorite thing about blogging is that I can inspire other people with my style.  I'm happy that maybe I can help someone with my outfit ideas.

5) What is a quick fashion tip or advice for men?
Wearing basic clothes is the best, but don't forget to wear clothes that fit well.

6) Do you have any favorite stores or brands?
I really like "Topman".  Also my favorite ones are "H&M" and "Primark".

Edgar makes simplicity and comfy look super chic and effortless! Am I right?

Find more on Edgar by visiting his blog here, and more styles at Lookbook, Instagram, and Facebook!

Thanks again for participating! 

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Meet Michael: A Fashion Inspiration on Instagram

Michael of Micsco1st

Manly Mondays are back, with a new weekly series, featuring my favorite Men Bloggers from all across the globe.  Each Monday, you’ll get the inside scoop on the different trends, tips, and of course the man behind his blog.   If you are interested in being featured in my Manly Monday’s series, please email me |

I found Michael on Instagram, and was fascinated with his Instagram feed. There are only some dedicated people out there who actually take time to make the perfect feed; Michael is one of them. His Instagram style is very monochrome, minimal, and classic.

1) What made you want to start your blog/Instagram and how would you describe your style in 3 words?
My girlfriend Jony is a blogger.  The past two years, she motivated me to start an Instagram account containing fashion related pictures where IG'ers can find my personal style.  I gave it a shot and started this journey in January with just 40 followers or may be less.

I would describe my style: clean, casual, and smart.

2) Who is your fashion inspiration?
The entire Instagram community delivers me tons of inspiration.  Many Instagrammers and other people in the industry are a source of inspiration.  One of them is Dany Dos Santos.  He has so much sense of style.  This man takes fashion very seriously and is setting the bars very high.  His innovative perspective on fashion is shown in his feed on Instagram.  Wide smart pants, short-sleeved sweat pants.. Infinite possibilities.

3) What's the one wardrobe essential you can't live without?
Smart pants.  Initially this can be worn with formal pieces, but I wear this along sneakers and similar casual items.  Very versatile!

4) What is your more favorite thing about blogging/instagramming?
Exploring the Instagram community, gaining inspiration from other instagrammers and creating an outfit.  I also like to create an outfitgrid or objectsgrid.

5) What is a quick fashion tip or advice for men?
Try to build a collection, which contains basics to create a lot of outfit possibilities and trend stuff to stay up to date.  Always keep your wardrobe balanced.

6) Do you have any favorite stores or brands?
Adidas, Nike, COS, Samsoe Samsoe and AllSaints.

Keep on doing what your doing Michael! Make sure you stop on by and check out Michael's Instagram feed, as well as his Twitter page!

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SoleMates Review

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” –Marilyn Monroe

Stilettos, pumps, mules, flats…I have to admit- I might have a slight shoe-obsession!  Throughout these past years, I have gradually grown my shoe collection; you just can’t have enough of them.

Expensive or inexpensive shoes; sometimes I wished I took better care of them.  Some of my shoes have shorter lives than others easily, and I have been meaning to take time to research and find shoe-care brands, but never came around to doing it.

Recently I was contacted by a brand called Solemates, a brand of shoe care accessories created specifically for women.  Five years ago, Solemates introduced their first ever product called Solemates High Heeler, a product that prevents high heels from sinking into the grass.  How clever is that?  I find that the heel cap on my heels always tend to get ruined the fastest, and isn’t always the most attractive.

Solemates also sells other great products for shoes such as the Blister Blocking Balm, an Anti-bacterial Shoe Freshening Spray, a Leather/Suede/Fabric Protector, Shoe Cushions, and a Shoe Buff.  Solemates products elevate the experience of caring for your shoes.

Upon reviewing the products, I was super excited as the packaging was neatly packed in a box filled with goodies to try!  Thus far, I really recommend Solemates to try!  The high heeler definitely has kept my heels from sinking into the grass, and has saved my heel caps from getting dirty and ruined!  I also really recommend the shoe cushions, as they help support your foot when wearing shoes, reduces blisters, and prevents heels from sliding in and out.  

Whether you have plans to go to a wedding, an event, or any activity that requires long hours of standing, I would really comsider Solemates.  The best part is Solemate's products are very affordable, prices ranging from $10-$25, combined packages are available for a great deal as well.  How can you go wrong with that?

DailyBurn x Vida

Moving from Chicago to LA had a huge impact on my regular fitness routine.  When my Chicago lease was over, my gym membership at Equinox ended, and I, of course no longer had access to my convenient gym downstairs.  When moving here, it was hard for me to adjust not being able to have an easy access gym to fall on to.  I use to workout 3-4 times a week in Chicago, and that slowly decreased to 1 time to even nothing at all.  My outcome?  I started feeling super sick and tired all the time, which also left me with weight and strength goals to still achieve.  And I gotta admit, having no proper gym equipment and/or weekly classes made these goals tough, so I began to figure out what I should do to improvise...

There are hundreds...maybe even thousands of different workouts you can do in the comfort of your home, but as for the biggest challenge?  Finding solid workout videos with all kinds of exercises that varies from legs to butt, arms to abs, and full-body workouts that you LOVE and will want to continuously comeback for possibly a membership... Am I right?  

Coincidentally, when I was in the mode of trying to figure out ways to achieve my goals and exercise, not too long ago, I was contacted by a company to promote about an elite streaming exercise videos brand of the name DailyBurn.  Now I really don't particularly promote many fitness brands, but I have heard and used DailyBurn in the past and actually loved it.  When I used to live in the South Loop a few years back, the gym that was connected to our building (and that I would only use), had a room where all kinds of DailyBurn videos were made accessible.  You could choose from kickboxing to cardio to dance to yoga to basically anything!  DailyBurn videos are also made for all levels (Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert), which was great if you wanted something less or more challenging or to even work your way up!

DailyBurn is easy to use for when you're at home or on the go, (so you have NO excuse to NOT go to the gym) and will allow you to reach your goals!  On top of all of this, DailyBurn recently partnered up with a company called Vida.  Vida is an app where it pairs you with a personal health coach, always by your side, and available 24/7.  It's like almost having a mentor or personal trainer, making reaching your goals a whole lot easier!  Vida's health coach's help develop personalized health and wellness plans utilizing the DailyBurn exercises.

Vida is $49/month, but I am so happy to share with you today a code for a one month free membership to test it out!  I always say... It's never too late to get back on track to that summer body or even lifetime goals!  I use to not be consistent with my workouts, until I started DailyBurn, and saw the significant changes to my body.  Most motivating and rewarding feeling ever!!

For a free month of Vida and DailyBurn videos, use code: VIDADAILYBURN at checkout.

Vida app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, which is great when traveling! :-)

Just thank me later!  Have a great and motivated rest of your week loves!  And remember... Live happy, healthy, and strong!!! :-))

Lace & Pleated

Happy Thursday all!

I mixed a favorite combo together: lace and pleated (check out a past post).  As I said before, it is a rare occasion when I wear only black in one look, and when I do I like to play around with prints and/or textures.

There's something classy about mixing the two textures together. A pair of my favorite silver pointy heel, and vintage purse completes the lovely look.

Photography by Nicholas Borsodi

Top: Tobi (similar)
Skirt: Forever21 (similar)
Shoes: ASOS (similar)
Purse: Vintage