I did it! I finally graduated; ah 6 years of college.... Glad it's over. I know, I know, everyone always says once you start working you will want to go back. I get it; no more easy excuses to get out of work "I have a school project," anymore...But hey I'm actually excited to start working in my field. Tomorrow will only be my 2nd week of summer and having free time; totally not use to it, but happy that I have more time to catch up on things, do things that I had no time to do before, and enjoy the last summer I'll actually have.

So after clicking through a million (okay maybe not a million) different favorite clothing websites, and going through stores, I finally found a dress for graduation! I had to sort of splurge a little, but hey...It's for an important once (probably) in a lifetime event, and this dress luckily was on sale! This dress fit perfect, was appropriate and of course classy/sophisticated (which is what my style basically is). Check it out!

Those of you who don't know what I graduated with; I have a degree in Animation + VFX, focused in Compositing. You can check my work here. =)

I bought my dress from Nordstrom and my shoes from Zappos (Jessica Simpson -- Super comfy, and get true to size.. I bought a half size larger than I usually wear because of reviews, and its a little bit big on me!!).


So I will begin posting more outfit of the days again, since I have only been lately posting events! I also have an exciting article I am working on, which hopefully will be posted by this week!!! So please look out for it; it will be a big piece maybe leading to opportunities? =)

Have a great week loves!

<3 Fancy Nancista


  1. Ahh! Love your dress (totally worth the splurge) and congrats on graduating :) Checked our your portfolio and you're definitely talented :)

    1. Awww, thank you so much Mariah! I appreciate your kind words!! <3