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Chicago's weather has been such a tease this season! As we thought warm weather was soon to come, we thought wrong....And instead snow came our way...tsk tsk. However I am hopeful that spring is soon to arrive some time within a week or so... Meanwhile, I have been browsing and drooling over the hottest items this spring! I already have a long list of MUST-HAVES this season! One of the items is something that can be worn many different ways; Boyfriend Jeans. I have been wanting these jeans for a very long time, and finally found the perfect pair the other day!

Boyfriend Jeans- "more loose fitted and relaxed."

There are various ways to style this particular item, whether it's dressy or dressed-down; I love this must-have! For this post, I decided to collaborate with a few other fashion bloggers and see how they would approach styling it their own way!

My Look:

So if you are wondering, yes I chose pieces at ZARA to style these boyfriend jeans. If you have been there recently, their collection this season is to die for! Anyway... I would style these bad boys with a heel (preferably a pointy heel) to dress it up a bit since these jeans give off a more relaxed look. On top I would wear a loose fitted blouse. This particular blouse I am wearing fits perfectly, as it is loose but has a drawstring to fit to the size you'd like it to. I also thought that the little boat tubes design on the top give off a spring/summer vibe, as well as the striped heel! Oh and as for a clutch, definitely wear a color to give it some pop! You know how I LOOOVE my bright colors! Go big or go home. ;-)


Rathana from FabFashionaire's Look:

“Styling boyfriend jeans, especially for a petite girl like me, can be a challenge. My biggest tip for you is to wear heels! Boyfriend jeans in particular tend to make your legs seem shorter, so wearing them with heels make you look much better. I also love adding a pop of color in shoes or accessories to give your look a feminine and fab touch.”
Rathana | FabFashionaire

[I love this! We definitely have a similar approach to styling our boyfriend jeans!]


"It's all about the accessories when it comes to wearing boyfriend jeans. Pair them with a worn in t-shirt for a cool, relaxed vibe. Then offset the ensemble with girly accents such as bright pumps, a printed clutch and girly jewels!"

[Super relaxed but chic at the same time!!!]


Kileen from Cute and Little's Look:

Kileen is super cute and stylish, here she styled her boyfriend jeans two different ways; casual and dressy. 

First Look - (Quoted from her blog) 
"More of a casual and relaxed look. Something quick and comfortable."

[Love how this is can be an everyday look!]

"Mixing comfy and glam."

[Super glam-orous!]


Now it's your turn! How would you style your boyfriend jeans? All of us agreed that heels is a must with these jeans! Thank you guys for collaborating with me into making this post fun! It was great seeing what everyone came up with!! :-)



Fancy Nancista


  1. Nancy, yours is just fabulous! Love how you paired them - especially with those heels. :) The others are gorgeous, too! Very stylish, I like it!
    Rathana xo

    1. Thank you doll! Thanks for helping to contribute! <3 <3

  2. Congratulations! I nominated you for the Liebster award ❤❤❤