Black on Black on Black

Good morning Lovelies! Hope everyone is having a nice Saturday morning those of you who are up this early! I decided last minute to go out with my roommate and her friend last night, need I remind you I have not gone out out since Valentine's Day??! Although I did not stay out too late... I had a chance to wear my Lace Up Heels out and about!

Sheer Black Blouse (Similar Look)
Akira Black Lace Shorts (Similar Look)

This was a last minute outfit, simple but chic. Despite the fact of the difficulties in putting this heel on... I love it! It's definitely has been a MUST buy shoe this year! I love how it adds a little "edgyness" or "sexiness" to your outfit! :-)

I also bought these shorts about 2 years ago, and I seem to be seeing it every where!

Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend! 


Fancy Nancista


  1. I love lace up heels and your look is gorgeous! How about joining the Fashionaire Of The Week contest: Apply here and get the chance to be featured on my blog! :)
    Rathana xo

    1. Thank you darling! And I just uploaded =) Thanks for letting me know, would love to be featured! <3

  2. I love your shoes. You look so fine!

  3. you look gorgeous! love this outfit!