Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday! I can't believe my spring break ends today.... So sad! Can we rewind time and redo it all over again? Time just flies by way too fast, it's crazy! As much as I needed to be cooped up inside to do some work.... I chose to take advantage of this beautiful day and take a lovely walk around the city! It was super sunny and just gorgeous out today, couldn't pass up the chance! I seriously cannot wait for the summer to come already!

My look today was more on the casual side. I decided to wear bright springy colors today, I thought it would be quite an appropriate attire. :-) Check it out!

Walking down Michigan Ave.

Totally a sneaker day =)

Love the Bean! 

Perfect Sunday Snack - Calamari & Angry Cider @chucksmanufacturer 

ZARA Orange Coat: (similar)
ZARA Floral Silk Tank
H&M Paisley white pant: (similar)
H&M Snake printed slip on: (similar)
H&M yellow purse: (similar)

Tomorrow's weather is suppose to be 60's (how exciting!) but windy! Oh well, thinking of dressing up! Why can't summer get here sooner?!

Until next time

Fancy Nancista