Valentine's Day Outfit

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope everyone had a lovely day/night! My plans were only suppose to go out for happy hour "drinks"....But actually turned into a long night out! If you know me, I never ever go out, so this will be my first and last time I go out in a while.

Anyway, the best part of going out was being able to dress up - last week Akira had a HUGE sale (they prob still have it) and I found this super cute flowy skirt for only $10! Well it technically was $30.00 with the alterations made, but it was still worth it!

Check it out here:

Free drinks. 

I have worn a similar outfit with this top. But I thought that the lacy top would be appropriate for this holiday! And of course red is a must.

LACE CROPPED TOP - From Tobi last year, here is a similar look
BLACK FLOWY SKIRT - From Akira, here's a similar look
RED BOOTIES - From DSW (it's on sale now with select sizes)

Sucks I had to wear tights, but I would def freeze if I did not! Anyway, what do you think of the look???

Until next time loves,

Fancy Nancista <3