Patterns X Blocking

Good morning loves, oh and Happy 1st of the month! Just woke up to a lovely surprise outside.... SNOW! 

Oh my goodness, it is snowing really hard today.. Should be fun going out there in a bit for work. :-(

Anyway, yesterday was a fun-filled day for me, which I will be posting about that my next post! Check out my outfit of the day! 

Anyway I wanted to dress up businessy but not too much of it for where I was going yesterday. The floral and multi patterned skirt fit well together! What do you guys think?

H&M Black Blazer
ZARA Floral Silk Tank
BCBG Pleated Skirt
JS Patent Black Short Heels

Hope everyone is safe driving out there! It looks horrible outside! Have a great weekend <3!

Yours Truly,

Xx Fancy Nancista


  1. so cute the tshirt and plaid skirt
    new post

  2. Hey Nancy! I am a fashion blogger and i have nominated your blog for a liebster award because i really think you deserve one!:) here is the link for details
    xoxo luisa<3