Red & Animal Print

Hi guys!

Today I finally got to try a restaurant that I have been dying to try, Eataly! And it was basically amazing!!! I am officially obsessed, and want to go back soonn!!!! So if anyone wants to go, let me know =) haha. The wine was delicious, and everything about it, was absolutely what I have expected.

If you live in Chicago, I recommend you try it; Eataly, it's on Ohio and Wabash.. Basically downtown! I believe NY has one too!

Anyway, check out my outfit of the day and my adventure at Eataly!

 I love wineee <3 

They have a Nutella bar!!!

Selfies =)

Seriously am obsessed. Ha! If you like wine, this place is perfect for you! It's like a huge store, where you can shop while drinking wine... Plus has 8 different restaurants to try! It's awesome! Anyways, today was fun =) Despite, the Chicago blizzard we had today, nothing stops me from my plans! 


I can't wait until Monday's shoot... Should be good =))


Fancy Nancy


  1. You're gorgeous !! :)) I love leopard pattern :)

  2. Beautiful! Love the leopard scarf:) I have not been to Eataly! I think I may be one of the only Chicagoans that has not stopped by. My in-laws went last weekend and said it was packed, so I am thinking I'll go in a month or so....but I have a feeling it's not dying down anytime soon!

    1. Thank you! You definitely need to check this place out. I went on a Saturday, and of course it was crazy busy! I felt like it was Christmas shopping all over again! Ha. But yeah, definitely a must! :)

  3. Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you got to eat there. I went the day after Christmas and the line was wrapped across the entire store so i turned around and left. One day when it calms down Ill venture in again! Glad you loved it. Cant wait to give a good hard look to that Nutella bar!