Polka Dotted Fun

This week has gone by way too fast, TIME in general is just flying by! Crazy huh? It's a bit scary if you ask me. Sadly, I am not looking forward to this weekend at all, considering I am closing all three nights at my other job, should not be fun!!!

Anyway, besides my crazy busy schedule of working, I finally had time to relax and grab a drink on such a beautiful day with a friend today! Check out my look.. PS I know I over wear this skirt, ha but I LOVE IT! White is definitely such a great color to wear in the summer time, and I love the bottom part of the skirt too, gives it a bit of a feminine girly look! 

I bought the top from ZARA of course... lol. Everything here is from ZARA but the skirt. I am legit obsessed with ZARA. I love that this top can be worn casually but also dressy. ZARA still has a huge sale going on, so I bought it for like $20 bucks! These shoes also are really comfy and not too high! 

- Fancy Nancy <3 

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