Different Ways to Dress Yellow

June 15, 2013Fancy Nanc-ista
Hi Loves! 

Last time we talked, I did go shopping again but only had time to visit one store and that was Zara on Michigan Ave. Omg, let me tell you, that store for me is a serious DANGER ZONE. I mean seriously it’s like a little kid in a candy store! I WANT and NEED everything there! Luckily, I controlled myself and found that most things that I tried on wasn’t as flattering on me as it looked on the hanger! I ended up purchasing two things: STRIPED JACKET & PIQUE WHITE SHORTS. I also purchased some more things on the web, so hopefully they get delivered to me soon!!!!

Anyway, as we wait for those outfits to be shipped to me.. The only thing I have as of now to post are just outfits I have worn since my last shopping trip! Take a look:

I am seriously OBSESSED with this yellow blouse! Ha, I love the color and love that you can dress it down but also dress it up! =)

As you can see I LOVE wearing COLORS, and I am more on the girlie side! I am definitely loving this pink and yellow look, I don’t know let me know what you think!!! 
Okay this is all I have for now, I am going to try to have SOMEONE take pictures of me sometime in the next few days!!! For now… You should LIKE my Facebook page and FOLLOW me on Instagram, I tend to post pictures daily that do not always end up on my blog! 
Fancy Nancy <3


  • Anonymous

    June 18, 2013 at 4:55 am

    This isn't a blog…this is just a girl who whores out pics and thinks she's a blogger.

  • Nancy Sevilla

    June 18, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    LOL I'm sorry you feel that way!

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